Majahuitas and Yelapa

Enjoy an exciting journey south over the cerulean waters of Banderas Bay (Bahia de Banderas) for an exhilarating adventure at two gorgeous coves. Because of their close proximity, tours to this area of the Bay usually visit both the secluded cove of Majahuitas and the coastal hamlet of Yelapa. The beach at Majahuitas, only accessible by boat, is known for its pristine beach and excellent snorkeling, while Yelapa offers visitors the chance to step back in time and visit a quiet fishing village where you can wander into the jungle to see remarkable inland waterfalls.


This semi-private beach on a sheltered cove is located about a half an hour south of Marina Vallarta via boat. Dubbed "one of the most romantic beaches in the world" by Forbes Traveler Magazine, Majahuitas is one of the most romantic, rustic getaways on Banderas Bay. During the evening, you and your significant other can enjoy an amorous dinner lit only by candlelight. This could be that perfect opportunity to pop the question or rekindle the spark, and recover the romance in your relationship.

The shape of this cove protects the waters from wind and choppy waves from the Bay of Banderas, leaving the waters crystal-clear. This exceptional visibility offers snorkelers and scuba divers a perfect view of the amazing underwater wonders in the cove, including coral formations, tropical fish species, and other sea creatures such as turtles, octopi, lobsters, and rays. The depth of water ranges from ten feet, perfect for shallow water snorkeling, to sixty feet, a great depth for experienced scuba divers. Majahuitas offers a great opportunity for scuba divers of all levels to enjoy themselves. The rocky coastline that borders the cove provides shelter for a wide array of sea-life.


While on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, become transported to a time when life was much simpler at the quaint little fishing village of Yelapa. You may not want to leave this great coastal town, known for its slow pace and the generous hospitality of its residents. You can choose to hang out on the beach, where you can enjoy some organized beach games, and swimming or snorkeling in the warm clear waters of the cove. You can also venture inland into the jungle on foot or on horseback. You can follow a meandering forest river to a cascading waterfall where you can take a dip in a pool or enjoy a picnic lunch in paradise.