Las Caletas

Las Caletas, a pristine beach in a remote cove on the Bahia de Banderas, was once the estate of the celebrated Hollywood movie director, John Huston. Huston arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the nineteen sixties to film his widely-acclaimed 1964 movie adaption of Tennessee Williams' play, The Night of the Iguana. This film, shot on location in the relatively quiet port town of Puerto Vallarta, brought plenty of world-wide attention to the area. Huston played a crucial role in publicizing Puerto Vallarta as a worthwhile tourist destination. The publicity from the film, as well as the purchase of a vacation home by the movie's star, Richard Burton, and his wife Elizabeth Taylor drew both tourists and developers to the once sleepy port town. To this day, Huston is still celebrated for his part in helping to make Puerto Vallarta an international vacation hotspot.

Huston picked an excellent secluded spot to build his vacation getaway. The lush jungle ends at a sugary stretch of sand on a sheltered cove off Banderas Bay. You will view an array of indigenous plants and animals as you hike along the forest paths that meander into the jungle from the shoreline. Listen to the chromatic birds as you stroll beneath the verdant canopy of flowering vines. Stroll along the beach, catch some rays, or nap in a seaside hammock.

Caletas is also a great place to snorkel. The protected nature of Caletas Cove keeps the water crystal-clear for excellent visibility. And you'll appreciate the this amazing visibility as you witness the remarkable sights below the surface of the water, including vibrant coral gardens, brilliant tropical fish, octopi, manta rays, and aquatic turtles. It is amazing to see the biodiversity just a few yards from the shore.

While snorkeling, you may also have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions. These bewhiskered mammals love to frolic and play near divers and snorkelers. Their acrobatic antics are a wonder to behold, especially when peering through your mask underwater.

There are a number of other attractions located at Caletas, including the Orchidarium where you'll see amazingly prismatic flowers, the Aviary where you can see a number of rare tropical birds, and the Deer Sanctuary. You can enjoy a number of organized activities as well, including yoga, sea kayaking, paella cooking lessons, and guided nature hikes. Caletas has an exhilarating outdoor activity for everyone.